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My HWBAC. My son, Oliver, was delivered by C-section in September 2010, due to breech presentation. Even though I had a positive experience the first time around, when I fell pregnant for the second time I just knew that I wanted to birth my baby naturally. So my plans for a VBAC began. My community midwife was extremely supportive of my VBAC plans but absolutely shattered my dreams when she […]

I reckon this is more about the road to birth, as much as it is about the birth, interconnected but all part of my truth, experience and hope. So this was to be Our second birth, following a traumatic first birth , where I thought my girlfriend and son were gonna die, then failed IVF for 5 years, hope had started to wain. Then a one off, last chance saloon, […]

A boy Born at home Unassisted Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Vicki  xx On Wednesday we went to the Lincolnshire Show, and I spent all day complaining that I should have worn easier shoes, that I had backache and that there was too long a walk between loos…  By the time we got home I was hot, cross and kn****d… I had a bath, cleared up all the junk we had […]

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Ok so here goes here is my birth story of Theo born at home on 10th of April. Theo was due on 29th March however I kind of always expected him to be late as my little boy Louis was 17 days over. First time round with Louis, who is now 2, I made the mistake of engaging with my labour as soon as it started. To cut a long […]

Here are a selection of inspiring stories of home birth after Caesarean section. If you have a story and photos you would like to share please email Share on Facebook

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Everything has a context so I can’t tell the story of the home birth of my second son without mentioning my first. The 2nd birth itself it was quite easy and straight forward but through my personal journey I regained the confidence I lost the first time and now believe in myself again and can follow what is natural and instinctive. Before and during my first pregnancy I was very […]

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My first pregnancy sadly ended in a crash section where sadly I was put under general anaesthetic and missed the whole thing. I had hoped for a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) with my second and third child but unfortunately I was not aware of my rights and choices and was forced into a further two caesarean sections ….when I found myself pregnant with baby number four, I became an […]

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This is the birth story of our 5th child, a daughter named Peaches who weighed 9lb 13.5oz. The day before she was born I had a feeling we wouldn’t be waiting much longer to meet her! I felt the same awful pressure and discomfort I remembered from the day before my waters broke with Hudson! Having already had a few days of on off niggles I knew we were close! […]

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This is the birth story of my 4th child Hudson, a home birth after 2 previous c sections. My 1st child was born by emcs after IOL for pre eclampsia, she weighed 6lb 12oz. My second child was a planned homebirth but agreed to transfer due to fetal distress, he was a hospital VBAC 9lb 2oz. Our 3rd child was a planned home water birth, this ended in EMCS for […]

Can I have a homebirth if I have had a previous caesarean? Yes. Every woman has the right to birth at home, no matter what her previous births have been like. Women with one or more previous caesareans may choose to birth at home in order to ensure a safe birthing environment for herself and her baby and the one-to-one care of a midwife during labour, rather than sharing a […]