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Here are a selection of inspiring stories of home birth after Caesarean section. If you have a story and photos you would like to share please email Share on Facebook

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My first pregnancy sadly ended in a crash section where sadly I was put under general anaesthetic and missed the whole thing. I had hoped for a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) with my second and third child but unfortunately I was not aware of my rights and choices and was forced into a further two caesarean sections ….when I found myself pregnant with baby number four, I became an […]

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Can I have a homebirth if I have had a previous caesarean? Yes. Every woman has the right to birth at home, no matter what her previous births have been like. Women with one or more previous caesareans may choose to birth at home in order to ensure a safe birthing environment for herself and her baby and the one-to-one care of a midwife during labour, rather than sharing a […]