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A boy Born at home Unassisted Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Vicki  xx On Wednesday we went to the Lincolnshire Show, and I spent all day complaining that I should have worn easier shoes, that I had backache and that there was too long a walk between loos…  By the time we got home I was hot, cross and kn****d… I had a bath, cleared up all the junk we had […]

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~ THE PLANNED UNASSISTED HOME BIRTH OF TAHLIYA GRACE AMBER ~ 23 APRIL 2012 – We are 42 weeks and 2 days pregnant with our third girl. My name is Amy, I am 28, and this is the most pregnant I have ever been after our 42 week girl, our 41+5 girl and an early miscarriage also. We settled in for an afternoon of dancing and singing and just generally […]

The Freebirth of Oliver Ellis Thomas – born September 19th 2012 at 12.30a.m., weighing 8lb 4oz. My first experience of birth was truly empowering. After a reflective pregnancy I was afraid of labour but during the process I managed to let go and embrace my instincts. I had a wonderful,natural water birth in hospital. It was the beginning of a healing journey that was a right of passage. I learned […]

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Holly Elfin was born at 6.55am on Saturday the 11th of August. If you follow the astrological significance of birth, this means she is a Leo, born in the Chinese year of the Water Dragon. She was due at the Full Moon, on her father’s birthday, but was a week and two days late, and so was born on her grandfather’s birthday instead on a waning moon in Pisces. She […]

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Terminology While the term Unassisted Childbirth (or UC – coined by Laura Kaplan-Shanley in the book entitled Unassisted Childbirth) is commonly used these days to refer to a birth that is planned and occurs without medical assistance, the term ‘freebirth’ seems to be generally preferred by those choosing this option themselves, as they consider their experience to be one that is ‘free’ or ‘freeing’, whereas the term Unassisted Childbirth implies […]