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The best place to start is actually well before Alfies birth. The birth of my first child was terrible. It was the result of a ‘go with the flow’ birth plan which resulted in a traumatic experience for me and for him. It left me both mentally and physically scarred. What began as a ‘routine’ induction ended with a railroad of interventions, artificial rupturing of membranes, drips, epidural, ventouse and […]

Home Birth Story of Oscar Thomas The night before I was having serious, irregular ‘niggles’, but I rolled my eyes at them since I had been there so many times before and at 40+3 I was bored of exciting myself! I carried on and fetched some washing in and sat sewing PP CSP on the sewing machine. I then had a telltale ‘show’ and had a very good feeling that […]

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Giving birth at home means that you have a statistically lower chance of tearing. Being able to labour instinctively and without restriction enables you to really listen to what your baby and body are telling you.  Lateral and hands-knees positions reduce the chance of tearing, and supine, squatting or lithotomy positions increase the chance of tearing.  Directed, coached or purple pushing are associated with increased tears and damage to the […]