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You are beyond 37 weeks gestation and you feel a little trickle or a big gush- this may be your membranes (or waters, as commonly called) breaking.  How exciting!  This means that labour is imminent!  Or does it? Five to ten percent of women may experience their waters breaking without labour starting immediately.   Once you alert your midwife or homebirth team of your waters breaking, you may be up against the clock.  Depending […]

On Weds 13th June we had taken Alex out to playgroup then came home to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before the miserable weather we have now! I was in the flowerbed pulling out some weeds and felt that very obvious gush! Ran into the house and yelled for Rob to tell him my waters had broken (this was at 4.30pm). I had to stand in the bath to […]

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Friday 31st August 2012 We had gone for a long walk shopping in Bluewater centre. I had been having the usual Braxton hicks tightenings I had been getting for weeks, nothing out of the ordinary, until it came to the end of our shop and I started to have some discomfort in the top of my left thigh – I thought it was just where I had walked a lot […]

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This article is aimed at women with GBS positive status in current or past pregnancy, or as information in case of prelabour rupture of membranes. For whatever reason, it is sometimes the case that a woman has a vaginal swab taken during pregnancy. One of the things routinely tested for is Group B Streptococcus. Should you have a positive test, please first be reassured that this is not an infection. […]