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The home water birth of Arlo Willem. Born 6/5/13 at 10.02pm, weighing 4.1kg/9.1pounds. I found out I was pregnant with my second child when my daughter Lucy was 17 months old. For a while I just managed to get through the days with bad morning sickness and a toddler, but as I started feeling better, I started thinking more and more about the birth. Lucy was born at home – […]

Warning: This story ends in transfer from home to hospital after the woman experiences a post partum haemorrhage or PPH. This is a positive story, with a positive outcome and a woman with no regrets but may be unsuitable if you are of a sensitive nature. Amélie Ophelia O’Connor decided she was ready to meet the world (2weeks early!) and landed earth side at 15.28 on the 10th March 2013…the […]

Right from the exciting blue lines of the positive pregnancy test, I knew I wanted a home birth. It is hard to explain why, as most people’s reactions ranged from ‘oh, you’re brave’ to ‘why would you put yourself and your baby at risk?’ I should start by saying that I’m a junior doctor and have therefore had the immense privilege of witnessing birth, which in modern society is not […]

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Perhaps one of the most useful things you can do when deciding if you would like to have your baby at home after experiencing a postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) after a previous birth, is exploring what may have happened during your labour and birth that could have increased your risk. Ineffective uterine contraction is the main cause of PPH with the other causes being perineal/cervical damage, or in very rare cases, […]