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A ‘term’ pregnancy ie ‘normal’ healthy gestation period is between 37 and 42 weeks. ‘Post Dates’ is pregnancy past 40 weeks. ‘Post Term’ is after 42 weeks. In the UK Trusts may have a time range in which midwives will attend a homebirths, usually starting at 37 or 38 weeks and continuing to 42 weeks or just before. As with any choice around where you give birth, it is your […]

Well here goes, I had a sweep on Thursday 26 July at my 41 week MW appt (14:30). The mw had a student mw with her (the student mw was in fact the student mw that delivered my dd1 2 years ago). The mw gave me a sweep and I was asked if I minded if the student did one as well. I said no that’s completely fine. Why complain […]

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The presence of meconium either when your waters break or at some point during the birth process is something that often causes alarm as it tends to be seen as a red flag that your baby is not coping well with labour.  Meconium on its own is just one possible factor and when other factors are not present it may be less of a concern. Meconium is present when a […]