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It was my to be my fourth birth, my previous three births had all been in hospital, all induced due to being ‘late’ which started a cascade of interventions and pretty much, (I felt) all full of mental torture, I handed myself over to the idea that drugs made it better, in fact all they done was made me lose even more all my control of my birth! When I […]

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This was my second birth, my first birth experience wasnt the best, I went 2 weeks over due was induced using the drip and had a very fast labour, 4 hours from start to finish, I went into shock and my daughter was born very quick so struggled to breath at first but thankfully all was well quite soon. I had weeks of recovery after alot of stitches inside and […]

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My Birth Story, the Home, Water Hypnobirth of Dexter Louie, born at 21.55 on Friday 28th January 2011 weighing 8lbs 3oz Our first baby was due 16th January 2011. I never quite felt ready for labour and birth. They both scared the hell out of me and I was relieved when my due date arrived and I was still pregnant! Due to my nervousness, we had done lots of preparation […]

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Friday 31st August 2012 We had gone for a long walk shopping in Bluewater centre. I had been having the usual Braxton hicks tightenings I had been getting for weeks, nothing out of the ordinary, until it came to the end of our shop and I started to have some discomfort in the top of my left thigh – I thought it was just where I had walked a lot […]

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Using forms of deep relaxation or self hypnosis are becoming more and more popular and in particular with those planning home or unmedicated births.  Currently trials are being undertaken to look at the effectiveness of these breathing and visualisation methods with a view to offering courses via the NHS. Some hospitals are already offering classes run by midwives trained in these types of techniques. Courses which you can attend with […]