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The home water birth of Arlo Willem. Born 6/5/13 at 10.02pm, weighing 4.1kg/9.1pounds. I found out I was pregnant with my second child when my daughter Lucy was 17 months old. For a while I just managed to get through the days with bad morning sickness and a toddler, but as I started feeling better, I started thinking more and more about the birth. Lucy was born at home – […]

I woke up at 5am with vague crampy feelings, and decided to try to get some more sleep, which I managed until 6.30 when my daughter, Abi, woke up. I fetched her milk, got back into bed until she came through, then had a cuddle in bed with her while I took notice of the cramps. At 7.15 I woke my mum to say that I was probably in labour. […]

Easter – 4 very excited children anticipating chocolate! In reality they had a stressed Mummy looking after 3 poorly ones and deep cleaning the house for about a week. Baby Pip`s `official EDD` was March 30th, Easter Saturday, while the girls were aware of this I also made it clear that Pip will choose when he is born and it may well be after the Easter break. Katherine`s 5th Birthday […]

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Lower levels of iron (Hb or haemoglobin) are not uncommon in pregnancy and when you consider that women have around 40% more blood volume by the end of pregnancy, this is hardly surprising. What is considered ‘low’ can vary depending on local guidelines. There is research which suggests that levels between 9.5 and 11.5 g/dl are optimal in late pregnancy and another large study showed 8.5 – 9.5g/dl to be […]

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Reading, listening and watching birth stories is an important part of preparation for your own birth.  In years gone by women would have been around birth, at home from an early age.  They may have attended the births of their siblings and other family members and known what to expect when their time came.  Not many of us have that exposure but we do have the wonders of the internet!  […]