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Body Mass Index or BMI is a straight-forward calculation taking into account purely the height and weight of a person; BMI does not take into account the overall health status or stature of the person, and in terms of a pregnant mother, it does not take into account previous pregnancies/labours, if any. Before the implementation of the BMI calculation, maternity staff were more interested in a woman’s weight gain in […]

This section is currently being researched and written to provide the most up to date, research based information for you. In the meantime here are some useful links: Gestational Diabetes: The Emperor Has No Clothes Michel Odent on Gestational Diabetes Share on Facebook

If you opt to have ultrasound scans during your pregnancy, the sonographer will typically give you an indication of how big (or small) your baby is. Based on the measurements taken (such as the length of the thigh bone and circumference of the abdominal cavity) an estimated weight will be calculated and this will be used to determine whether your baby is big or small when plotted against standard foetal […]

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