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I reckon this is more about the road to birth, as much as it is about the birth, interconnected but all part of my truth, experience and hope. So this was to be Our second birth, following a traumatic first birth , where I thought my girlfriend and son were gonna die, then failed IVF for 5 years, hope had started to wain. Then a one off, last chance saloon, […]

The best place to start is actually well before Alfies birth. The birth of my first child was terrible. It was the result of a ‘go with the flow’ birth plan which resulted in a traumatic experience for me and for him. It left me both mentally and physically scarred. What began as a ‘routine’ induction ended with a railroad of interventions, artificial rupturing of membranes, drips, epidural, ventouse and […]

Ok so here goes here is my birth story of Theo born at home on 10th of April. Theo was due on 29th March however I kind of always expected him to be late as my little boy Louis was 17 days over. First time round with Louis, who is now 2, I made the mistake of engaging with my labour as soon as it started. To cut a long […]

Warning: This story ends in transfer from home to hospital after the woman experiences a post partum haemorrhage or PPH. This is a positive story, with a positive outcome and a woman with no regrets but may be unsuitable if you are of a sensitive nature. Amélie Ophelia O’Connor decided she was ready to meet the world (2weeks early!) and landed earth side at 15.28 on the 10th March 2013…the […]

Sophie Faith Banks was born in water at home on Monday 4 February 2013 at 5.50pm, weighing 8lb 7oz, this is the story of her amazing birth. I woke at around 3am on Monday 4 February and felt wet, I went to the bathroom and I believed my waters had gone. I tried to go back to sleep but was getting contractions on and off and wasn’t comfy in bed, […]

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Here are a selection of inspiring stories of home birth supported by a doula. If you have a story and photos you would like to share please email Share on Facebook

My pregnancy with our fourth child had come a good 3 months ahead of schedule, as usual, but I was delighted and excited at the prospect of a simple pregnancy and birth, on my terms. Although my first pregnancy with Mya had been straightforward, I took all medical advice at face value and gave birth in hospital with the typical 2 hours of purple pushing resulting in a lovely baby […]

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The Birth of Sira by her doula! Born on Friday, December 28, 2012 7.01pm Hi Sira! Welcome to the world sweet girl! You may not remember me, but I was with you the day you were born. I met your mommy and daddy through a mutual friend at a birthday party, and the next morning I awoke to a beautiful email from your mommy asking if I would be interested […]

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The story of the birth of Olivia Isla Evans The birth I wanted I knew from the start that I wanted to have my baby at home. I had wanted to have my son at home too but due to lack of staff, I was sent to hospital at the last minute. This time however, I was determined for it to be different. I planned to give birth in a […]

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Right from the exciting blue lines of the positive pregnancy test, I knew I wanted a home birth. It is hard to explain why, as most people’s reactions ranged from ‘oh, you’re brave’ to ‘why would you put yourself and your baby at risk?’ I should start by saying that I’m a junior doctor and have therefore had the immense privilege of witnessing birth, which in modern society is not […]

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