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During the week building up to the birth, I was woken up by lower backache and frequent trips to the toilet. I had lots of pressure every time I had a bowel movement (hate that phrase…. ha ha) ok nightly diarrhea episodes! (why at night?!!!) I was feeling sick still most evenings which wasn’t fun either, this along with pelvic pain and 3 point turns to get out of bed […]

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My first pregnancy sadly ended in a crash section where sadly I was put under general anaesthetic and missed the whole thing. I had hoped for a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) with my second and third child but unfortunately I was not aware of my rights and choices and was forced into a further two caesarean sections ….when I found myself pregnant with baby number four, I became an […]

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This is the birth story of our 5th child, a daughter named Peaches who weighed 9lb 13.5oz. The day before she was born I had a feeling we wouldn’t be waiting much longer to meet her! I felt the same awful pressure and discomfort I remembered from the day before my waters broke with Hudson! Having already had a few days of on off niggles I knew we were close! […]

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This is the birth story of my 4th child Hudson, a home birth after 2 previous c sections. My 1st child was born by emcs after IOL for pre eclampsia, she weighed 6lb 12oz. My second child was a planned homebirth but agreed to transfer due to fetal distress, he was a hospital VBAC 9lb 2oz. Our 3rd child was a planned home water birth, this ended in EMCS for […]

On Weds 13th June we had taken Alex out to playgroup then came home to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before the miserable weather we have now! I was in the flowerbed pulling out some weeds and felt that very obvious gush! Ran into the house and yelled for Rob to tell him my waters had broken (this was at 4.30pm). I had to stand in the bath to […]

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Our son Dylan aka ‘diddy’ was born very quickly at 40+13 – just about having made the hospital in time. Birthing him felt so natural and went so according to ‘plan’ that the only thing we decided to do differently for number 2 was to miss out the ‘getting to hospital’ bit and to stay home… so here we were, planning a home water birth. A lovely lady I met […]

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I should have known I was going to wake up in labour because I just couldn’t get comfortable when I was going to bed. I spent a lot of time doing visualisations of my cervix opening and labour starting and then I listened to my birth affirmations and went to bed. At 2:00 am, I was woken up by something but wasn’t sure what it was. I went to the […]

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Friday 31st August 2012 We had gone for a long walk shopping in Bluewater centre. I had been having the usual Braxton hicks tightenings I had been getting for weeks, nothing out of the ordinary, until it came to the end of our shop and I started to have some discomfort in the top of my left thigh – I thought it was just where I had walked a lot […]

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Well here goes, I had a sweep on Thursday 26 July at my 41 week MW appt (14:30). The mw had a student mw with her (the student mw was in fact the student mw that delivered my dd1 2 years ago). The mw gave me a sweep and I was asked if I minded if the student did one as well. I said no that’s completely fine. Why complain […]

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I woke up at 5.20am on the morning of Wednesday 6th June with some niggles, got up for a wee and a drink and came back to bed. This wasn’t this first time this had happened but I had a feeling this may be worth paying a little bit more attention t.o. Not for any reason other than maybe instinct. I lay dozing on and off and when Tim got […]

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