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My pregnancy with our fourth child had come a good 3 months ahead of schedule, as usual, but I was delighted and excited at the prospect of a simple pregnancy and birth, on my terms. Although my first pregnancy with Mya had been straightforward, I took all medical advice at face value and gave birth in hospital with the typical 2 hours of purple pushing resulting in a lovely baby […]

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I can’t possibly tell this story without first sharing the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Emmeline’s estimated due date was Christmas Eve 2012. A Christmas baby! The idea was so romantic. Giving birth surrounded by all the fanfare of Christmas, tree, twinkly lights and all. Christmas Eve arrived we were more organised than we had ever been for the Christmas day. All the homebirth kit was accounted for too […]

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The story of the birth of Olivia Isla Evans The birth I wanted I knew from the start that I wanted to have my baby at home. I had wanted to have my son at home too but due to lack of staff, I was sent to hospital at the last minute. This time however, I was determined for it to be different. I planned to give birth in a […]

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On the evening of Tuesday 21st August 2012 our journey began. I was getting mild contractions regularly at 12 minutes apart. I was starting to get excited about meeting our twins though I knew it could be a good while yet. We decided to go to bed and get some rest and see what the morning brought. The following morning at 5.40am Otis came in to us, got into bed […]

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Right from the exciting blue lines of the positive pregnancy test, I knew I wanted a home birth. It is hard to explain why, as most people’s reactions ranged from ‘oh, you’re brave’ to ‘why would you put yourself and your baby at risk?’ I should start by saying that I’m a junior doctor and have therefore had the immense privilege of witnessing birth, which in modern society is not […]

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It was my to be my fourth birth, my previous three births had all been in hospital, all induced due to being ‘late’ which started a cascade of interventions and pretty much, (I felt) all full of mental torture, I handed myself over to the idea that drugs made it better, in fact all they done was made me lose even more all my control of my birth! When I […]

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This was my second birth, my first birth experience wasnt the best, I went 2 weeks over due was induced using the drip and had a very fast labour, 4 hours from start to finish, I went into shock and my daughter was born very quick so struggled to breath at first but thankfully all was well quite soon. I had weeks of recovery after alot of stitches inside and […]

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My Birth Story, the Home, Water Hypnobirth of Dexter Louie, born at 21.55 on Friday 28th January 2011 weighing 8lbs 3oz Our first baby was due 16th January 2011. I never quite felt ready for labour and birth. They both scared the hell out of me and I was relieved when my due date arrived and I was still pregnant! Due to my nervousness, we had done lots of preparation […]

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My baby girl Remi weighing 8lb 2oz and born 2 days before her due date. My Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) started when I was around 14 weeks pregnant. I now know I had it in my previous pregnancy but because it started late in the pregnancy, was much milder and I had no clue of what SPD was, I put it down to baby laying awkwardly or pregnancy ache/pain. By […]

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The Prologue Throughout my pregnancy, I was told by my midwives that even if I booked a home birth, there may be no midwives available to attend me at home. I wrote a letter to the supervisor of midwives stating that I expected to be supported for a home birth and added that women in my family are usually pregnant at least 42 weeks. This began our empowering journey of […]