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My HWBAC. My son, Oliver, was delivered by C-section in September 2010, due to breech presentation. Even though I had a positive experience the first time around, when I fell pregnant for the second time I just knew that I wanted to birth my baby naturally. So my plans for a VBAC began. My community midwife was extremely supportive of my VBAC plans but absolutely shattered my dreams when she […]

Annabelle’s birth story October 2011 Our eldest Izzy 8lbs 12oz was a planned hospital birth at 40weeks+5days. Our labour lasted 36 hours, for the most part on gas and air, with a quick dip in the pool then into theatre for a spinal and rotational forceps delivery as she was back to back. This was a very traumatic birth experience that we did not want to repeat. Two years later […]

I reckon this is more about the road to birth, as much as it is about the birth, interconnected but all part of my truth, experience and hope. So this was to be Our second birth, following a traumatic first birth , where I thought my girlfriend and son were gonna die, then failed IVF for 5 years, hope had started to wain. Then a one off, last chance saloon, […]

Ok so here goes here is my birth story of Theo born at home on 10th of April. Theo was due on 29th March however I kind of always expected him to be late as my little boy Louis was 17 days over. First time round with Louis, who is now 2, I made the mistake of engaging with my labour as soon as it started. To cut a long […]

This is the story of how our gorgeous daughter Chloe was born at home-our second child she is lovely and our first child Rory has really taken to being a big brother! Friday 18th January 2013, it had been snowing all day and my husband Ian had luckily decided to take the day off to play in the snow with Rory and I, and to give me a bit of […]

I had been telling everyone for a month that baby would be born on the 15th August after a dream I had. My due date of 13th August came & went without even a twinge. I woke up on the 14th with a pain that I just knew was a mild contraction, it wasn’t painful but felt different to the Braxton hicks that I had so regular. I was quite […]

Warning: This story ends in transfer from home to hospital after the woman experiences a post partum haemorrhage or PPH. This is a positive story, with a positive outcome and a woman with no regrets but may be unsuitable if you are of a sensitive nature. Amélie Ophelia O’Connor decided she was ready to meet the world (2weeks early!) and landed earth side at 15.28 on the 10th March 2013…the […]

According to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines, submersion in water provides the safest form of pain relief in labour and using water is more effective than anything other than an epidural. Feeling relaxed and comfortable is essential to oxytocin production and in turn a smoother, easier labour. Women using birth pools often describe an immense feeling of relaxation when they enter the pool in labour […]

Sophie Faith Banks was born in water at home on Monday 4 February 2013 at 5.50pm, weighing 8lb 7oz, this is the story of her amazing birth. I woke at around 3am on Monday 4 February and felt wet, I went to the bathroom and I believed my waters had gone. I tried to go back to sleep but was getting contractions on and off and wasn’t comfy in bed, […]

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