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Annabelle‚Äôs birth story October 2011 Our eldest Izzy 8lbs 12oz was a planned hospital birth at 40weeks+5days. Our labour lasted 36 hours, for the most part on gas and air, with a quick dip in the pool then into theatre for a spinal and rotational forceps delivery as she was back to back. This was a very traumatic birth experience that we did not want to repeat. Two years later […]

Here are a selection of inspiring stories of ‘big babies’ born at home. If you have a story and photos you would like to share please email Share on Facebook

This is the birth story of our 5th child, a daughter named Peaches who weighed 9lb 13.5oz. The day before she was born I had a feeling we wouldn’t be waiting much longer to meet her! I felt the same awful pressure and discomfort I remembered from the day before my waters broke with Hudson! Having already had a few days of on off niggles I knew we were close! […]

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This is the birth story of my 4th child Hudson, a home birth after 2 previous c sections. My 1st child was born by emcs after IOL for pre eclampsia, she weighed 6lb 12oz. My second child was a planned homebirth but agreed to transfer due to fetal distress, he was a hospital VBAC 9lb 2oz. Our 3rd child was a planned home water birth, this ended in EMCS for […]

I woke up at 5.20am on the morning of Wednesday 6th June with some niggles, got up for a wee and a drink and came back to bed. This wasn’t this first time this had happened but I had a feeling this may be worth paying a little bit more attention t.o. Not for any reason other than maybe instinct. I lay dozing on and off and when Tim got […]

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If you opt to have ultrasound scans during your pregnancy, the sonographer will typically give you an indication of how big (or small) your baby is. Based on the measurements taken (such as the length of the thigh bone and circumference of the abdominal cavity) an estimated weight will be calculated and this will be used to determine whether your baby is big or small when plotted against standard foetal […]

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