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Most NHS trusts will run information sessions which you can attend for free during your pregnancy. Some Trusts also have sessions specific to planning a homebirth.  Ask your midwife what is available in your area and how to book.

The NCT or National Childbirth Trust offer popular private antenatal courses which tend to be much more detailed than NHS sessions as they are over a longer period of time. They offer an opportunity to meet other parents at a similar stage if pregnancy and who also might be considering a homebirth.


Independent Birth Preparation

There are several other organisations offering comprehensive antenatal education. Some offer virtual classes so that you can take them from the comfort of your own home. Others are in groups or you can arrange private one to one classes. Have a look at what each one has to offer and find a good fit for your specific needs.  Here are a few of the popular classes – this list is not exhaustive so it’s worth searching on google for classes in your local area.


Some birth doulas offer birth preparation classes and workshops which can be taken with out necessarily booking the doula to attend your birth.  They may be accredited with one of the above birth education organisations so check with individuals for details.

Homebirth support groups

Attending a home birth support group in person can be valuable preparation.  You will have an opportunity to connect with others planning a home birth and be able to ask them your burning questions.  The groups are also a place to hear real birth stories told by real people which can be inspiring and give you confidence In your choices.