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Feeling confident and prepared regardless of where you chose to give birth is an important factor in increasing the odds of achieving the birth you hope for. Most people would agree that the birth of your child is one of, if not THE most important events in our lives, yet generally people spend more time researching and planning for a wedding, house move or to buy a new car. Birth is unpredictable and therefore there are no solid ways to guarantee where your journey will take you, but the good news is there are lots of things that you can do to stack the odds of a positive experience in your favour.

From NHS run information sessions to NCT antenatal courses, hypnobirthing classes to positive birth story circles there are many options to chose from. There is as much free preparation and support available out there as they’re is paid for and it’s up to you to see where you feel your energy is best focused as one size does not fit all.

We hope this section will give you a starting point and details of some of the options for preparing for a postive birth.