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We know that partners are often the ones most sceptical about opting to birth at home. After all you are the most important person in their life and your child is too, so it can be an incredibly anxious time for them.

We asked for the thoughts of partners who had supported the mothers of their children through homebirths so we could share them with you.

We hope you find them helpful.

Daddy“I have to admit that I wasn’t very worried about a homebirth, it sounded better than being in a hospital after reading up on it and being educated by the Mrs and midwives. It also suited my notoriously laid back attitude to things. The benefits are: no other women-in-labour screaming blue murder next to you as you and your partner try creating a relaxed atmosphere (on an open ward); you get two midwives tending to your wife’s every need (not yours, forget that idea, you’re ‘tea boy’ for the next few hours); getting into your own bed afterwards in your own home, and not having to go anywhere for as long as you want the next day. And don’t worry about washing the sheets/towels after the birth – just bin ‘em. Easiest days ‘washing’ you’ll ever have to do, so savour that moment too.”

~ Matt, father of 2 home birthed babies ~

“When I first heard of the idea of home birth, I thought there were some risks to it, so it scared me a little at first. But then I realised that there are risks to everything in life and maybe the positives of it outweighed the negatives (plus my wife is very persuasive!). We went to our local home birth group and hired a doula who was really enthusiastic about home birth. I realised eventually that it was actually the best option for us once I thought about how much better my wife would manage being in a relaxing, comforting, quiet home environment and one were she could be in control of her birth more than she could be in a typical hospital setting.

Since this was our first baby, I had no idea what to expect when the day actually arrived and how I would really feel. During the birth, I actually felt so much more relaxed being in our own home. Everything was really familiar and we had everything we needed right there. If I needed a cup of tea, I could just go make one. Or if I needed something for my wife, we knew we had it and didn’t have to worry about if we’d packed it in our hospital bag. I felt the usual nerves, especially once my wife started to get the urge to push because I realised it was all really happening, but I think those are normal daddy nerves!

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