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The decision to have your baby at home is yours and yours alone. Your midwives and doctors can make recommendations as to where they feel you should give birth but they are just that; recommendations. Reluctance on the part of your midwife or doctor because local policies advice home birth under certain circumstances is not a reason to abandon your birth plans. Research your options thoroughly and carefully. Seek out second and unbiased opinions. Some trusts have midwives who are responsible form protecting normality who are often referred to as ‘consultant midwife’. Ask your named midwife if this is a role in your area and for a referal if you feel your indivual needs are not being respected. Independent midwives and doulas can offer additional support and information or one off consultations if you would like another, more impartial perspective.

There are many common reasons given for not being ‘allowed’ to have a homebirth. The good news is that you have the right to decline recommendations and for the common reasons cited there is often very little additional risk, if any to being at home. Birth in a hospital is not without risks and in fact homebirth carries less risk than hosptial of certain serious complications.

In this section you will find information on some of the common reasons women are told they should not have a homebirth. These sections have been written by women who have planned homebirths when they have fallen into these categories and cover what they feel are the most important points and include the most useful links. – advice and support on UK women’s rights in pregnancy and childbirth