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This is the birth story of our 5th child, a daughter named Peaches who weighed 9lb 13.5oz.

The day before she was born I had a feeling we wouldn’t be waiting much longer to meet her! I felt the same awful pressure and discomfort I remembered from the day before my waters broke with Hudson! Having already had a few days of on off niggles I knew we were close!

All the evening of 29th February I just could not get comfortable and was spending time between sitting on the toilet or in the bath! I’d been losing my plug for days and today was no exception! I eventually went to bed just after midnight having irregular contractions like I’d been having last few days and feeling a little weepy, I dozed on and off between contractions and toilet trips!

At just after 3am I rolled and felt a little damp, came to toilet and nothing else so went back to bed! Around 3.40am I needed toilet again and felt awful! While sat on the toilet I felt something coming out, after having the huge talk on cord prolapse and possibility this baby could go fast after Hudson etc I put my hand to check, as I did it popped and water gushed out! This was shortly before 4am. Almost straight away pain increased and there was no denying baby was on her way!!!

Nervous but excited I rang our Doula Claire, taking no chances that she would miss the birth! I then went to wake Scott to tell him to start filling the pool, this was it!! It took 4 attempts as he was so deeply asleep! At around 4.30 I rang the midwife, dreading the fact I knew the midwife I didn’t really get along with was first on call! While sat on ball in kitchen talking with Scott I felt huge gushes of water. That would be the polyhydramnios then?? Scott followed me with the mop 🙂

Shortly after Claire arrived and sat in bathroom helping me cope with the contractions. She also took call from the midwife saying they were on their way etc, I got upset at the fact it was particular midwife but Claire calmed me and reassured me. Scott was busy sorting the pool and Hudson had woken up and was wandering about. Contractions were coming thick and fast and pressure was intense! I was hanging round Claire’s neck for dear life! Scott gave me a couple of reassuring hugs too and I kept looking at the clock as the midwives felt like they were taking ages and the contractions were relentless and intense. They arrived around 5.45am and immediately went through recommendation against homebirth which really annoyed me. They wanted to check my Blood pressure etc and feel position of baby, no chance! I could not sit for the pressure even if I had wanted to! So they gave me the entonox, my BP was pretty high but baby was perfect and now down my left, slightly posterior, and deep in my pelvis, I agreed to a vaginal examination and was 6-7cm, she told me my waters were bulging and hadn’t gone, I got mad and told her they certainly had!! I was so desperate to get in the pool but wasn’t deep or warm enough! Scott hadn’t inflated it as firm either and leaning on it was uncomfy too. As soon as I could I was in the pool, socks on and all! I didn’t care by this point! Claire was so reassuring to me and Scott and when the pain in my back was too much to handle she used some oils I had premixed to help with the pain, they also ensured a good supply of ice I needed to crunch on!! I started to feel intense pressure and could feel my body bearing down, at this point all kids were just getting up and in the sitting room with us, the midwife said something about she didn’t think so and would grab a mirror and check, as she said this I felt her head emerge and shouted ‘too late! Heads out’ Claire had listened to me and thankfully as a result all 4 kids and Scott saw her emerge! I was aware I needed her shoulders out and pushed them out fine, no shoulder dystocia this time!! Her cord was quite short so the midwives helped support me and pass her under my leg and I had skin to skin in the water, it was amazing!

Finally i was the first to hold one of my babies!  She was so calm and peaceful lying there on me, all the kids were in awe of there new sister. The midwives were following my birth plan and as I may have been at higher risk of PPH due to parity and polyhydramnios so they had drugs on hand ready but fully respected my choice to have a physiological 3rd stage. They were fab about using the cord ties also.

The midwife told me I’d feel contractions with placenta and it would probably need a little push but nothing compared to a baby. The water was getting a little murky and suggested perhaps get out soon for placenta to see better, with that I had a contraction and felt it come out, I scooped it up and passed her it and once the cord had stopped pulsing and cord blood obtained for genetics I tied them and Scott cut the cord, again first time we had ever been able to! At this point Peaches was passed to her big sister for a first cuddle while I was checked over, this hurt like hell. All good just a small tear, no stitches needed! Oh and remember the midwife telling me waters hadnt broken? Well she apologiesed after checking membranes and placenta as there were 2 very distinct holes, so they had broken and she had moved causing them to bulge in front of her head again!


Peaches was passed to me and we had a first feed and lots of skin to skin time getting to know each other.

Her birth was one of the most amazing experiences and it all went so smoothly, despite the number of things stacked against me. I am so glad that I chose to home birth despite the huge list of reasons stacked against us and had the wonderfully empowering birth we did.

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