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This is the birth story of my 4th child Hudson, a home birth after 2 previous c sections. My 1st child was born by emcs after IOL for pre eclampsia, she weighed 6lb 12oz. My second child was a planned homebirth but agreed to transfer due to fetal distress, he was a hospital VBAC 9lb 2oz. Our 3rd child was a planned home water birth, this ended in EMCS for direct OP and brow presentation, 9lb 15oz. This time, I was determined things would be different after suffering PTSD and PND, this was MY birth and I knew I could birth this baby. With a lot of encouragement and help to believe in myself I was ready to meet my new baby……

After niggling over the period of about a week and dilating to 4cm I was tired but knew my body was working to be ready to birth my baby. All day Saturday(22nd) I had a feeling this baby was going to follow my usual pattern of going into labour on Sunday, I felt heavy and could barely walk and certainly could not get comfortable. I sat in the garden having the same niggles id had all week, some of which were quite painful but not unbearable. Then I had a bath to relax and went to bed around midnight, tired and wondering if I was right, would this baby arrive Sunday? After a restless couple of hours in bed I felt my waters break, a completely new experience for me as mine have never before ruptured spontaneously. I grabbed a towel and waddled downstairs and informed Scott that my waters had just broken! We were going to have this baby! I nipped to the bathroom to check, waters were clear, had a moment of brief panic when I felt something dangling, was just a piece of membrane on inspection, but as babys head had been in and out of my pelvis I had the cord prolapse thing drummed into me!! Satisfied all was well I went into the kitchen and sat on the birth ball with the TENS machine on, within the next half hr or so contractions picked up and I was feeling more uncomfortable, at this point I had rang Tina, my Doula and informed her my waters had broken, but not to rush as I felt ok, and would call back once the mw had arrived and i knew this was definately IT as she was coming a hell of a long way for me…! Shortly after I called the MW. Debbie(mw from my previous 2 labours) arrived, I was stunned, she wasn’t even on call and here she was, on Sunday at 42 weeks, again!!! It was sometime after 3am..

I agreed to VE and she confirmed that waters had indeed broken, and that baby was ROA, a first for me after 3 OP babies, I was so pleased! I was 5cms dilated and babies heart rate was fine. She asked if we had a clock with second hand as she had forgotten hers, which made me laugh and comment she had done this with Logan! Scott started to inflate and fill the pool and contractions started coming 5 in 10 and they were a lot stronger! At some point I started with the entonox, leaning over the edge of the pool while it filled so as to ensure this baby didn’t turn OP, every time that I had to lean back for FHR checked I was straight back up!! At some point Tracey the second mw arrived, I have no idea what time this was!! The pain in my back was getting really intense, so Debbie rubbed in the small of my back really firmly during contractions to help and reassured me it was baby descending and not another Op baby as I was a little panicky after Ryders birth. I soon felt a lot more pressure down there and she asked was I feeling pressure, my reply? I don’t know it just bloody hurts!!! At some point Debbie asked I my doula was on her way, id forgotten to call back, so Scott rang! Tracey also went and got more entonox as they only had 2 small cylinders with them…(which was all i used in the end anyways!!)
Eventually the pool was full enough to climb in, it felt fab and I felt totally relaxed, kneeling up and leaning over the edge of the pool. I was feeling intense pressure and pushing a little at the end of contractions, still in denial this baby was on its way, even though I could feel baby moving down, mws were both telling me they could see hair and to just do whatever my body was telling me to do, I kept saying am I really doing it? Id glanced at the clock around 5am, and couldn’t believe how fast it was going or that this baby was almost here!

As his head crowned it was a bizarre feeling. And even with his head there I couldn’t believe it was happenning, Debbie and Tracey and Scott kept reassuring me and Debbie said I could reach down and touch babies head, this baby was almost here!! At this point I kept pushing, but nothing was happenning no matter how hard I pushed encouraged by the mws and Scott, after 2 contractions like this and babies shoulders not moving Debbie and scott helped haul me over the edge of the pool onto all fours on the sofa, no easy task with a head there!! Debbie was trying really hard to help free his shoulders as I pushed as hard as I could and Tracey was ringing for emergency assistance due to shoulder dystocia, Debbie told Scott we have 7 mins to get this baby out, at which point he went white, I felt so calm even at this point, and knew it was okay, I don’t know how but I didn’t panic and kept a clear head. Debbie was explaining what she was doing and managed to reach up and pull his posterior arm down, I felt baby move and with a bit of further manipulation from Debbie and pushing hard I felt my baby slide the rest of the way out. He didn’t cry and was quite blue and floppy, so I agreed to cutting cord so they could sort baby quickly, at this point ambulance arrived, me covered in blood and meconium, watching them get baby going. His pulse was strong and it took 5 rescue breaths and a little facial oxygen and some stimulation and he started to cry!everyone was commenting he looked big with guesses at over 10lb! I was advised to have synto due to difficult delivery and large baby due to increased risk of PPH, so I agreed. Placenta was delivered and they made sure baby was ok before passing him all wrapped up and he went straight on the breast, I was checked for tears and was convinced it would be bad, how wrong was I? small 1st degree tear that didn’t require suturing! I was stunned!!

Ryder had seen his baby brother enter the world and commented baby was out, he promptly went on to ask for breakfast!

I rang my mum to tell her baby was here and she turned up by 6am followed shortly by my doula! I got snuggled on sofa with my new baby and we encouraged breastfeeding and had a cuppa and some toast, fab! I was elated, id bloody well done it!!!! Everyone was in a fab mood and the sense of achievement and the way I felt were amazing, my new son was perfect and here!

As the mws cleaned up they went to check placenta and couldn’t find it, in the panic it had gotten wrapped up and moved, I asked to see it and Tracey forgot n had sealed the box, gutted!!!

They decided to weigh our new addition, with varying guesses, at first Debbie said that cant be right, its 11lb 1oz! Then realised he still had metal cord clamp on, so removed and re weighed him twice, 11lb even!! Who says small women cant birth big babies??

Ayesha and Logan came down around 8am, stunned to see there new baby brother was here, the look on there faces was magic! Something ill never forget!!

Debbie agreed to text Linda, my mw to ask her to ring me so I could tell her baby was here, as I don’t think they believed I would do it. When I told her he was here, born at home, and told her his weight her response was ‘bloody hell! Oh my god!’

Im still, 12 days later elated! It has been a hugely positive and healing experience and im grateful to those who shared my sometimes difficult journey. Hudson is amazing and im so in love with our new little boy. Although some things were not as id hoped and planned I never felt out of control and everything was explained to me which helped hugely. I felt totally supported and had complex faith in the process of birth.

Our gorgeous baby arrived Sunday 23rd May, 5.25am, at 42 weeks exactly, weighing 11lbs, at home after 2 previous c sections.