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Having had so many stop start contractions over the past few weeks I was now convinced that I’d be going to hospital for induction in 5 days and losing my homebirth.

The 21st/22nd I thought it was really it when I was having contractions 8 minutes apart and using my TEN’s, but they stopped suddenly at 3am, so i went to bed thinking lying down might bring them back and woke up disappointed again.

Throughout the day I had nothing at all!

I decided on one last ditch attempt at natural induction , so that night made Neil massage me with labour oils, sex, orgasm and then a clary sage bath!!

It must have done the trick cos within an hour of that bath I was having regular pains, i settled down in bed to watch Bridget Jones and told OH to sleep. At about 12:30am i woke him to put my TENs pads on, I did think it was just false again, but they were quite close together but still not time-able… going from 6 Mins apart to 2-3, then 1!

I decided to head downstairs, and on the way grabbed all the old duvets and sheets I’d collected up for labour, I kept questioning why I had taken them down when I wasn’t sure so instinct must have kicked in that this was really it! Told OH to turn up his phone and I’d call him when I needed him to come down.

I got downstairs and tried to mess proof my livingroom, but the contractions were coming quite fast and lasting 2 minutes so I wasn’t getting time inbetween to get anything done, I tried to put plastic sheeting on my sofa and ended up throwing it on the floor I was getting so pee’d off!Eventually got the sofa covered, and the floor, then spent the next week while trying to concentrate on singing songs on my playlist!I knew it was getting bad when I was losing concentration during and having to properly breathe through. The TENS really made a difference but because I’d had oils on my back earlier the pads just weren’t sticking and kept falling off, I was getting a bit panicy so ended up calling OH downstairs at about 3am.

I remember texting my friend to tell her I thought it was real labour this time and panicing telling her I’d probably chicken out and end up going to hospital.

OH came down and I told him it was really sore and I was thinking about hospital, he started going on about not proving a point to anyone …… so i decided to stay put (not point proving at all LOL)I just kept telling myself I was fine, and i could do it and that hospital would make things feel much worse and it was all normal labour pains I was having and every time I had one, it was one less to worry about.

So, I started throwing orders about to OH about what he needed to bring downstairs etc, I thought I was going to kill him at one point with his hayfever, he was sneezing and blowing his nose every 5 minutes!!! ;o)

So anyway, my contractions were evening out to about 2 minutes apart, Neil was slightly worrying I think because earlier in the day I’d told him I’d call the MW’s when they were about 3 mins apart, I think I was just scared that I’d call them and it would all stop again.

I told him to call them when I had quite an intense contraction, I wanted Gas & Air…. now!! Although they were sore, they were still bearable and I was breathing through them well. So he called Triage and they phoned back saying the MW’s would be there within the hour.

We discussed whether to wake Daisy or risk leaving her in bed and being woken by any noise and freaked out. We ended up waking her at 4am and OH would take her to her Grans, she was uber excited to be going out in the dark !! She was wandering about the house gathering up stuff to take with her, all the while I am trying to breathe and smile through pains so she didn’t get scared!

They eventually got on their way and he was back within 10 minutes, I was wandering round the livingroom with pains around every 1 minute.

The MW’s came in around 4:15am, they seemed lovely which was a huge relief! I got a sore pain after they introduced themselves and one of them stood right in front of me and talked me through relaxation and how to breathe through, was so happy to have one that knew about hypnobirthing! She also seemed really pleased that I was taking arnica throughout.
So after that she asked me if I would like an internal to see what stage I was at, she knew I had requested none at all but just wanted to make sure I hadn’t changed my mind, I surprised myself by agreeing to one, more because I wanted to know if I was in established labour or not.

I’d watched a One Born Every Minute earlier and a girl was having contractions every 2 minutes and was only 2cm and that stuck in my head!!!

So after a few checks on baby’s HB and my BP etc, I lay down on the sofa and my waters went! (sofa was well covered thank god!) It was a strange feeling as my waters have always been broken for me before. I also knew that once my waters break my baby’s usually arrive quite quickly but decided not to say anything in case i temped fate!
She felt my tummy and was convinced he was going to be a bigger baby…… time would tell!

She examined me and I was 7cm! At that point I knew it wasn’t going to be too long, the MW’s went through to the kitchen to sort through the birth pack, write notes and one called the hospital with an update. Then one brought through the Gas & Air, I don’t think I’d of asked for it if my TENs pads would stay on!

I was stood in the middle of my livingroom floor with OH holding on to him, I took 3 breaths of G&A and felt the baby’s head move down, then knew he was coming so shouted at Neil to tell them, I heard the one on the phone hang up that call very quickly!!! I knealed down on the floor and leaned on the sofa, took a big breath of G&A and breathed him out in about 2 minutes! Just enough time for the MW’s to get their gloves on ;o)Then he was handed to me through my legs and i just sat back in awe/shock! He was SO cute !

I sat back and cuddled him , he didn’t cry but was lovely and pink and alert! I had initially wanted Neil to film that last moments but there was no time for anyone to do anything!

It was all good though because I’d had nothing but a few breaths of G&A I was totally with it and remembered everything anyway!

HoldenWe had some skin to skin and waited for the cord to stop pulsating, then I cut it myself as it still freaks OH out a bit!
I was checked for damage while OH had some skin to skin with our baby boy, i had a tear but the MW was certain she could stitch it herself, SO happy! That was my fear of getting my perfect home birth then having to go to hospital anyway for stitches!

One of the MW’s was about to finish her shift so we waited for the next one to arrive , the one that was leaving came to me and thanked me for allowing her to part of such an amazing birth,made me cry a bit! she was a fantastic MW, so I thanked her for that!

They all were, kept telling me I should be so very proud of my home birth and lack of drugs!

So the next one showed up and I was taken upstairs to be stitched, I had already decided beforehand that I would be taking full advantage of the G&A I never got much use out of earlier and just lay getting high for the next 20 minutes!!! I felt nothing and it was over quickly 😀

I had the quickest bath ever and got my new PJ’s on, so I could get back to my boys!

We settled down on the sofa together cuddling our new baby talking about what a cool experience it was! OH was still shocked at how quick and non messy it all was!

The MW’s finished their notes etc and headed off, one said they would be back later to bring me some clexane injections , they wanted me to have them just in case my higher BMI caused any blood clots, I have to inject myself twice a day for 9 days.

So after that OH’s sister texted to see if she could visit before going to work, and she too was so shocked at how normal everything was! My livingroom was back to normal, no mess other than a few black bags with the old sheets etc in them. Couldn’t believe we’d just had a baby a few hours before!

Then OH went and collected Daisy on her own so that she could meet her baby brother, I put him in his swing and sat a couple of gifts beside him that he had brought with him for her!She came in with the biggest smile and has been obsessed with him since, she hasn’t held him yet but I’m not pushing that! I’m just glad she’s not freaking out!

It’s been a day and a half and I’ve taken painkillers twice for afterpains, I feel great and he is such a good baby, we still haven’t heard him cry properly!

so yay! I love sitting in my livingroom reliving that I gave birth on the floor!!!!