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Well here goes, I had a sweep on Thursday 26 July at my 41 week MW appt (14:30). The mw had a student mw with her (the student mw was in fact the student mw that delivered my dd1 2 years ago). The mw gave me a sweep and I was asked if I minded if the student did one as well. I said no that’s completely fine. Why complain at 2 for 1 on a sweep lol.

After having it done and got home I was getting cramps every now and again, so decided to jump on my ball and start bouncing. I even got my ipod out to listen to my labour music. Just before tea I text my friend Sam who was my doula to advise her that I think labour was starting and that my body decided to have a clear out and had a bloody show. Then the kids were playing up and the cramps decided to die down to nothing. I was very disheartened as I thought the sweep had worked. I went to bed in strop around 22:00 and fell asleep.

I was woken up at 20 past midnight to pains, got up and went to the loo and had another bloody show. So I sat on the edge of the bed and decided to time the contractions (ctx). They were coming every 5 mins and lasting between 30-40 secs. After about half an hr I decided to go downstairs and get on the ball again. Still timing the ctx they were a bit over the place one was 4 mins apart and another was 6. I text Sam to advise that labour was starting. I then phoned delivery suite. I explained that I was booked for a hb and that my ctx were about every 5 mins and that I was using my TENS for pain relief. They asked if I felt I needed a mw right away I said that I was coping atm. They advised to call back in an hr if not before if I needed someone. In that hr my ctx were getting more intense and my friend made her way over. I called up the delivery suite again and said that I felt that I needed a mw now. Jamie blew up the pool and got the liner in. He was filling the pool up when Sam arrived at 3.05. The mw turned up at around 3.20, when she got here she had a quick look at my notes and then did my bp, pulse and had a chat about how I was feeling and past labours.

She then asked if she could examine me, I laid down on my sofa, which had been covered in the maternity bed pads. Baby’s head was down and engaged, she then did a VE after a ctx and said that I was 6-7cms already and that my waters were bulging but baby’s head was a bit high but that could change once waters go. The next ctx my waters popped and were stained in old meconium. I started to panic as my sister’s friend had a baby with meconium and was still born L the mw had to dial 999 for an ambulance and Jamie called my mum to come over and look after the kids. The mw said that she thought I wouldn’t make it into hospital. I was advised that it would be best if I didn’t use the pool; by this news I got very upset.

While the mw was on the phone to sort out the ambulance, I was standing up and I had a ctx and the mw thought I was going to have the baby there and then and told the the operator that she would have to wait a minute as I was ctx and I came first. Sam asked how I was doing I said that I really wanted to get in the pool and was very panickey that I couldn’t use it as I felt heavy. Sam asked the mw if the no birthing pool was policy or guidelines. She advised that it was just guidelines and if I wanted to get into the pool then to go ahead. So I got into the pool and got onto my knees and leaned over the edge.  

Apparently the ambulance crew barged past Jamie at the front door despite him saying they weren’t needed, Sam went out to them before they got to me and told them to wait outside and she would get the mw to come speak to them. The mw went out to speak to the ambulance crew to advise they were on standby until the placenta was delivered and in that time I started to push. Sam ran out to the mw and told her I was pushing. The second mw appeared about 5-10 mins of me pushing. My baby girl was born at 4.15 in the water. 22 mins after my waters went. Jamie woke up the kids right after and brought them down to meet their new baby sister, my mum arrived 10 mins after Seraphina was born.

I was left in the water while the cord stopped pulsating. In that time Seraphina had her first breastfeed within 10 mins of being born. Jamie cut the cord and we got out of the pool where I delivered the placenta.

After getting cleaned up and dressed, sat on the sofa having cuddles with kids and our chunk of a 9lb 6 oz Seraphina.

So glad that I got the birth I wanted. I’d definitely recommend a home birth to anyone. Plus Jamie said that he was more relaxed and the atmosphere was completely different to a hospital birth.

Home birthing is such an empowering experience.

And speaking to Sam afterwards she said that she thanked the midwife for what she did and the mw’s reply was “it wasn’t my birth and it was her choice”

Proud Daddy