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When I went for my booking appointment with my 4th baby I just assumed I would go to The midwife Led Unit in Lichfield again (as I had with my last 2 births) Then I had my appointment come through for my 12 week scan and booking at the MLU. When I went I had my scan and went in to see the midwife who did my height, weight and blood pressure. Then went through to have my bloods taken. After the blood test they called me back to see the midwife who told be as I had a high BMI I could not give birth there I had to have consultant led care and a hospital birth! As I was considered high risk!

At my next midwife appointment with my community midwife I told her I was not happy with this at all but at least the hospital has a birth pool, at which she told me that as I couldn’t have midwife led care in all likelihood they would not let me use the birth pool either!

So then I told her then I WOULD have a home/water birth. After talking and me reassuring her I would go to hospital at the first sign of ANY problems she agreed to support my decision.
I agreed to have meeting with the supervisor of midwifery from the hospital who talked me through all the risks of a high BMI birth but even she had to agree that most of the risks would be during pregnancy rather than at the birth its self so was happy for me to book a homebirth but asked me to sign a “against medical advice” form. As I felt fit and well and confident in my ability to birth my baby at home I agreed. There only other concern was as II was having a waterbirth was if there would be someone who could get me out of the pool in case of emergency. As due to health and safety the midwives could not lift me. My husband was more than capable of doing this.

So at 37 weeks I blew the pool up and waited… And waited…
At 41 weeks 2 days I was starting to get pressure from the midwives to book an induction but they did agree to leave it a few more days.

That night I went to bed as normal having had no contractions but woke at around 2.30am with a contraction I waited for the next on which came about 15 minuets later. So I decided to get up and move around to try and help encourage them along. So at 2.45am on the 28th April 2009 I started timing my contractions they were so irregular some 3mins apart some 15 minutes so I left my husband in bed in case they stopped and he had to go to work in the morning. I lit my aromatherapy burner with some lavender oil and inhaled that with each contraction which I found really did help, whether it was the lavender or the fact it helped me concentrate on my breathing I’m not sure. At 5am when my husband got up for work the contractions were still irregular but getting stronger and longer so I asked my husband to phone my mom and the midwife and start filling the pool. After he had done that he helped put my TENS machine on. (I had never used TENS before but thought I would try it) and to my surprise it did help.

The 1st midwife arrived about 6am and asked to examine me which she did and found I was 7cm so she immediately phoned for the 2nd midwife. Then she went out to her car to get the G&A etc by about 6.30 the second midwife had not arrived and I really felt I needed some more pain relief so I asked if I could get into the pool but as she was not water trained she said she would rather I waited for the 2nd midwife. So I asked for the G&A but she told me she couldn’t get hers to work so I would have to wait for that too! (Thank god for TENS!)

The 2nd midwife arrived at about 6.45am as I was starting to feel the NEED to push so I got straight into the water (which she told the 1st midwife she should have let me in earlier!) and they tried to set up her G&A but that wouldn’t work either! After messing about they did manage to fix one and I had it for about the last 10mins of my labour. They checked the water temperature and said it needed to be warmer so my husband added some hot water then I was pushing!

My Darling tiny man was born in one push at 7.09am weighting 8lb 5oz. His daddy (again) picked him out of the water and gave him to me. (Which was slightly awkward as I had been facing the side of the pool so I had to get my leg over the umbilical cord!) MichelleHe was very calm and didn’t cry just looked up with his beautiful eyes. Then we sat and cuddled while we waited for the cord to stop pulsating which took about 10 minutes and then the cord was cut. Then we just stayed in the pool and waited for the placenta to be delivered about 10mins later. The midwife asked me if I would stand up and give a little push and the placenta came straight out.

There had been no problems due to my BMI at all.

My oldest daughter had decided to be there at the birth and my other 2 children had woken about 7am so my mom went upstairs and read them “our water baby” book and brought them down stairs to meet their new brother just seconds after he was born.