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On Weds 13th June we had taken Alex out to playgroup then came home to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before the miserable weather we have now! I was in the flowerbed pulling out some weeds and felt that very obvious gush! Ran into the house and yelled for Rob to tell him my waters had broken (this was at 4.30pm). I had to stand in the bath to get undressed! We decided against phoning the hospital as I had planned a homebirth and with their 24 hours rule with waters breaking I didnt want to feel pressured into going in.

There was no food in the house so we got Alex dropped off to his grannies as soon as and headed out to Asda to get essentials in, this seems to be a funny pattern as we did the same with Alexs labour as well.

There were no contractions so we just pottered around the house doing usual housework, prepping for homebirth, eating etc. By the time we had done that it was around 11pm/midnight and we went off to bed to get some sleep.  I was getting contractions by around 3am 3-5 minutes apart and quite sore so made the call to the Doula for her to get herself sorted and come over. The doula got to ours by around 5am, I was still having contractions. We found things to watch on tv and just passed time.

After an hour or so the contractions just fizzled out, if any came there was a huge gap in between them. We spent the next day and a half with very few contractions, lots of massaging, position trying sleeping but nothing was bringing them back! It got very frustrating.

DoulaTime passed and we passed the point where I’d had Alex, still nothing and getting very fedup and lost in what to do with our homebirth journey. Thoughts of how much I wanted to birth at home, how far should I go? Was I endangering us for what I wanted? It was getting a bit upsetting.

We all went to sleep Thursday night, I was so hoping that being back into night time again something would happen. I woke up at 3am Friday morning with terrible heartburn, so I got up for some gaviscon then decide whilst I had some peace to myself I would try some last ditch attempts to get things moving and I did start to get a couple of contractions.

After an hour I went back to sleep again to be woken at jsut before 5am with some pretty strong and regular contractions finally! Hubby woke the doula and I could tell these contractions were different…something was actually happening! They were pretty strong and I could feel more pressure with them. I had hooked up the TENs machine (after previously ditching it getting annoyed at the pads) and breathing my way through with that whilst hubby and the Doula re sorted out the pool. When it was ready I couldnt get in there quick enough! As I got in the pool the Doula phoned labour ward for me to let them know to send out my homebirth midwife (miraculously just made it to her on call date that day!).

The midwife came out very quickly, hadnt showered and had just drove straight over. Luckily she lived not far away. She had to do the obligatory “we advise you go in with waters gone for antibiotics etc” but I politley declined…I just knew this was it and having tested negative for infection before I wasnt about to loose out to a homebirth at the very last leg!

LucasShe wanted to check babys position, heartbeat, my blood pressure etc and asked if I would get out the pool as it would make it easier for her to do these things…I did get out buy boy did I notice how helpful the pool actually was! I could still feel the pain of contractions in the pool, but they seemed much worse out of it! I went back in as soon as I could! The midwife said that baby was sitting more back to back and the pressure I had feeling would be down to that and could still be a while.

I got back in the pool and contractions were still coming harder and with pressure, I kept considering gas and air especially if they were going to be like that for a long while!

A few contractions later and I got that tell tale pressure, baby was on his way out! My first son flew out so I didnt experience too much with pushing stage..this time I got to feel as the head came out and it took a few pushes, I was rather vocal about how I didnt like the feeling! Pushing stage was still fairly quick though and baby was out after a few pushes and within minutes.