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I should have known I was going to wake up in labour because I just couldn’t get comfortable when I was going to bed. I spent a lot of time doing visualisations of my cervix opening and labour starting and then I listened to my birth affirmations and went to bed.

At 2:00 am, I was woken up by something but wasn’t sure what it was. I went to the loo and realised that I was having mild surges. They were strong enough that I couldn’t sleep and my stomach felt funny and I kept having to go to the loo. I was also having bloody show so I knew something was happening and was too excited to go back to sleep.

I went downstairs and made myself some food because I was really hungry and wanted the energy for labour. I decided to time them to see if there was any regularity and they were coming every 12-13 minutes and lasting for 45-60 seconds. They were totally bearable and I was able to easily breathe through them. So I sat on facebook messaging my friends and texted my brother in America. It was the 4th of July and only about 10:00 pm their time so I knew they would be up!

At about 4:30 they were getting stronger and were every 6 or so minutes apart. They weren’t super regular and I was absolutely fine in between. Mum showed up about this time so I decided to walk around and see if they would get stronger and felt that they were when I was upright. At 5:00 I decided to call Virginia (my midwife) but she told me to wait and call her in an hour because they weren’t regular and I sounded too good on the phone! 😉

At 6:00 I woke Philip up again and told him that they were getting stronger and that he might want to start getting the furniture out of the front room and the pool inflated. I tried to lie down to see what would happen and if I could relax but they came less frequently and HUUUUUUURT. Then I came downstairs and sat on my birth ball which was bliss and called my doula to come round.

At about 7:00 they were still coming every 5 or so minutes but were getting rather intense. I was able to relax and breathe through them but I was getting pretty pushy and kept having to use the loo. It hurt to be anywhere but on my ball where I could totally relax into the surges. Baby was very low so all of the pressure was in my vagina and up the bottom of my belly; totally different to Henry’s labour which was mostly in my back.

My lovely doula showed up at about 8 and I was really starting to get a lot of pressure. Philip was filling the pool and I was looking forward to getting in there!! Time gets blurred from here on out but I know I kept asking Philip to get Virginia here because there was a lot of downward pressure with each surge. I didn’t find the pool to be as comforting as last time but it was still pretty nice. The surges were intense and I was starting to moan and breathe through them.

Virginia and the film crew arrived at 10:00 and I was actively starting to feel the urge to birth breathe with each surge. I kept focusing on opening up my body and allowing my baby to make the descent. It took A LOT of focus to relax my body and I moaned and breathed through each surge. They were about three minutes apart. At this time I DEMANDED some gas and air because I knew from experience that it would allow me to shut my brain off and go with what my body needed to do. (Plus I REALLY love gas and air………

I would take it in between surges so that when it hit, I would still be pretty high but totally able to focus completely on breathing down the baby. It was the most helpful for me to allow myself to relax and not care if I pooed or not 😉 haha.

I started to really feel my body pushing the baby down and Virginia told me to feel for the head and I thought I could feel it but wasn’t sure! So I FORCED her to do it and it was right there, not even an inch in!! AHHHH!!! My waters broke sometime in there with a downward surge and it was explosive!

So I kept breathing down and pushing until her little head came through and I got to experience the ring of fire. HOLY GOD! Then SHE WENT BACK IN!!!!! With the next surge, I did push her head out because there was no way I was doing that three times! Her head came out in the next surge and then two minutes later her body came out at 11:17 am!! I got to pick her up from the water and instantly cuddle her. She was covered in vernix and was a healthy lovely colour. I completely forgot to check what bits she had but Philip reminded me to look and she was a GIRL!

It was the best experience of my life. I was so overwhelmed with what my body had accomplished and that I had a new baby. Looking down into the water to see her for the first time was so surreal. I am in LOVE. 🙂