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Ok so here goes here is my birth story of Theo born at home on 10th of April.

Theo was due on 29th March however I kind of always expected him to be late as my little boy Louis was 17 days over.

First time round with Louis, who is now 2, I made the mistake of engaging with my labour as soon as it started. To cut a long story short I wanted a drug free water birth but ended up with a 36 hour labour, gas & air, epidural, spinal & c section! When I found out I was pregnant again I was determined this wouldn’t happen again, so we started planning a home birth.

Both times we had a fantastic doula, Lisa, who helped us through every step of the way and really helped me believe in myself, which I think was a major factor in achieving my dream birth this time around.

Sooooo I was determined to ignore my labour for as long as possible and keep calm – something I really struggled with last time. On the Monday I was starting to feel a bit different, not really describable but I said to my husband, Solo, that something is going to happen soon. I woke up Tuesday morning and nothing had changed so just went about my day. During the day I started to feel mild, irregular twinges and text Solo to say make sure you are home for tea time as something is starting to happen. Around lunch time I went to the loo and had a show, text Lisa and then went to bed to try and get some sleep. During the afternoon I had a friend around and I was bouncing on the ball & having to take a few deep breaths with each twinge.

I knew things were going to get going soon so when hubby arrived home I went to have a bath and relax whilst he sorted Louis out. Contractions were coming a bit more regularly now, but still really manageable. Once Louis was upstairs I came down and had a glass of wine and a couple of paracetamol and watched some TV whilst bouncing on the ball. I was conscious I need to conserve my energy as I was expecting to be in labour for a long time based on my first experience, however they started to ramp up a bit and I couldn’t sit still so needed to stand up and walk around through each one. I knew they were becoming more regular so checked my watch and I was getting one every 3 or 4 minutes lasting about 30 or 40 seconds. I decided to try and get some sleep so went upstairs and got in bed with my relaxation CD on. I was just dropping off and felt a pop and thought my waters had gone – I went to loo but there was nothing apart from more show, this time quite bloody.

I decided to go downstairs and spent my time walking up and down the porch and being on the loo having lots more bloody show. Solo called Lisa to give her an update & I tried to talk to her but couldn’t. She decided to set off and arrived about 9 ish. I remember saying I couldn’t do this and she totally calmed me down got me some clary sage oil which was great and got me to lean over the ball. Between each contraction I felt quite calm and focused. Throughout every contraction my body felt the need to push, I remember saying to Lisa that I couldn’t stop myself pushing and was I doing it wrong, but she reassured me just to let my body do what it needed to. It really was like I had no control over it and I just let my body take over.

I was aware of Lisa telling Solo to fill to pool in the lounge whilst I just carried on doing what I was doing. Once the pool was filled I got in and laid on my back for a bit as it was hurting which was about 10.30 pm, but Lisa encouraged me to stay on all fours. I remember it taking a while to get comfy but did so by leaning over the edge of the pool with Lisa & Solo pouring water over my back.

I felt I was coping quite well but also thinking why am I making my life hard when I could have some gas and air, but equally I didn’t want the midwives there, as my dream was for them to arrive at the last minute to avoid any discussions about vaginal examinations etc.

The first time I asked for the midwives to be called was around 11.30 pm and Solo & Lisa were both encouraging and Solo asked if I could wait another 30 minutes, to which I said yes and just carried on.

Around 30 minutes later I decided I wanted the midwives to come, still totally paranoid we were calling them too early. Lisa called them and then they called back asking if they could bring a student, which I declined.

Around 12 ish I felt things change and felt my baby turn and really felt pressure in my bum, and asked for reassurance that that’s where I should be pushing to. This is what I did – once I felt the change I knew our baby wouldn’t be long, which really encouraged me. I was really calm between each contraction and the clary sage by this point was making me feel sick so I was just focused on my breathing with Solo helping me. I started to feel burning and Lisa said she could see our baby’s head start to appear, and by about 12.25 baby’s head was almost out.

A few moments later I was aware of the midwives arrival & Lisa let them in, they came in but didn’t disturb me and once in they told me our babies head was out. It then felt like an eternity until the next contraction and I joked I never thought I would be wanting one so much! Two more came and our baby was born in the pool at 12.40. I lifted my leg and picked up our son. I was in total shock that I had done it, it had been so quick and I had enjoyed it!!

There was no rush to weigh him etc so I stayed in the pool enjoying him waiting for the placenta to come. It didn’t so I had the injection but it still took forever but eventually came around 2 hours after Theo’s birth.

The midwives sorted me out and I needed to have some stitches and Theo was weighed and he was 9 pounds 6! I am still in shock about this as Louis was just under 8 pounds! Our new family went to bed but I was too excited to sleep so just lay in a daze waiting for Louis to wake up to meet his brother – he eventually did at 6 am having slept through the whole thing! The entire experience was perfect and when I had a shower before going to bed I was already telling Lisa I wanted to do it again!

I now know what birth should be like and I can’t wait to do it again! It was the most empowering and amazing experience and I truly believe if you believe in yourself and your body and trust yourself anyone can have the birth they want.