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Home Birthers & Hopefuls

Homebirthers & Hopefuls is a place for women and their families who are thinking about, planning or hoping for a home birth. We hope to offer useful information which will support you on your home birth journey and the opportunity to connect with other HomeBirthers & Hopefuls.

You will find links to research and helpful resources as well as birth stories and ways of connecting with other people who have had or are considering giving birth to their babies at home.

Much of the information has been written with home birth in the UK in mind but many elements will apply regardless of where you are in the world.

We hope to provide an authentic resource, primarily written by women who have researched the particular areas and walked that path themselves. All the stories are real, sometimes raw accounts, totally unedited and with real photos of the families whose stories are being shared.

Even if you decide that home birth is not the right option for you personally, we welcome you warmly.

Homebirthers & Hopefuls